Fall in love with Nine Lives with this remix

Nine Lives’ remix of Opia is killer.

If you were one of those people who found themselves completely swept in Opia‘s recent track Falling, we’ve got some good news for you: Nine Lives has dropped a sweet remix of it. And even better, it’s a free download.

The only problem that I personally had with Falling originally was that it felt a little stunted at time, as if it were deliberately resigning itself to a slower pace than it was originally written. This is where the remix comes in, adding even instrumentation that it feels like the pacing has completely changed even though this isn’t the case. It’s an amazing demonstration of the power of the instruments used, being able to trick listeners into thinking the track has become significantly faster and more intense.

Nine Lives is careful not to mess with the original too much. One of the risks of many remixes is that they ultimately lose the core essence of the original track itself, feeling rather like lyrics and short melodies surgically attached to a club beat. But this remix enhances the spirit and the sentiment, adding just enough to make the remix worthwhile.

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