Fat Dead Elvis is heavy

Youth Man are back with power and a vengeance.


It’s been a little while since we last heard from noise-punk outfit Youth Man, which is a shame – the band have been on a roll since we first witnessed their raw intensity as they supported The Bots, shortly after they had formed. Fortunately, they’re back with their heavy new single and video, Fat Dead Elvis.

The single brings a new noise-rock edge to their patented punk sound, with instruments cascading and collapsing on each other in a violent storm of intensity. The vocals, as ever, are spat with a poisonous passion and power, while the bass rumble and driving drums hold together the backdrop. It’s a perfect storm of chaos, providing the ideal outlet for angst and anger. Youth Man’s return could not be better and they’ve picked the finest demonstration of what’s to come with their imminent Wax EP this summer.

That is, unless you happen to be a fat dead Elvis, in which case you’d probably think this “was shit.”

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