Grungy blues-rock that takes no prisoners

Few debut singles hit harder than this from The Vixans.


There’s something strange that happens when most bands consider touching the grungy blues-rock genre. It seems to deteriorate into a hollowed out, plastic version of the sound that screams ‘cash in’. With that said, The Vixans change that on their debut single I Don’t Care.

It’s back to basics grunge with none of the pointless embellishments that modern music enjoys putting onto everything. Destructive drums, rumbling guitars and the gritty growls of vocal anguish form the simple backbone of this track. The closest we get to embellishment is a middle-eight that elevates the track, doing a killer impression of a jet taking off. It’s like Nirvana’s School, but with more of a relentless blues-rock vibe – certainly never a bad thing for a band’s debut single.

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