Res hits hard with new killer track

Vocals form every hook in new experimental RnB track.


If you haven’t heard of Res before, stop reading this sentence and just hit play on the track below. Hollow is a new killer track from Res, arguably the best possible introduction to the artist you could ask for.

Bass-intensive and hook heavy, Hollow strikes with a storm of angsty moodiness entangled in beautiful melodies. Res’ vocals, while sometimes a bit swamped in the mix, are perfect, reaching a midpoint between the low bass notes and the voice samples that jump between low- and high-pitched. While this may originally strike as a track that draws its appeal from the dark ambience of the instrumentation, it’s the voice that makes this song. It’s a rare example of a song which utilises the vocal in a variety of different ways, with every single hook in the song being derived from some version of Res’ voice.

It’s a little bit unusual but entirely enjoyable, shining bright beams of pop and RnB through the experimental haze. If you only listen to one Res track, make it this one – before long you’ll find yourself hook and listening to her upcoming album Reset too.

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