Bonnie Anderson takes dark pop to a whole new level

Just dance through the tears…


Jesus Christ. It’s not secret that there’s a lot of deeply enjoyable pop songs that sound incredibly upbeat but are actually emotionally draining, but Bonnie Anderson is taking that sentiment to whole new levels with her new single The Ones I Love.

Honestly, it takes a lot of skill to make a song like this, where the predominant vocal hook goes “I’ve got to die before the ones I love“, sound anything other than incredibly depressing. Yet, somehow, Bonnie Anderson manages it. The track is full of infectious club vibes, despite the fact that every other lyric discusses the dark thoughts of an overactive mind that, by her own admission, causes Anderson to wake up screaming “every single night“. Even the video captures Anderson with immeasurable amounts of vulnerable pain at so many points.


This is the power of music, turning the most depressing of thought processes into something beautiful and immersively enjoyable. It only takes one listen to incite questioning of your own morality, which is a lot more than you often sign up for with a pop song. Oh well, just dance through the tears.

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