Fall in love with Young Marco’s new track

Young Marco gets tender in acoustic-driven ballad.


If you thought Off The Wall was a good testament to Young Marco‘s musical talents, you haven’t heard anything yet. New track Prom switches up the upbeat hip hop sounds for the kind of tender acoustic-driven pop song that your lighter (or lighter app) has been waiting for.

Gently picking along in the background, the acoustic guitar works surprisingly well with Marco – whose vocals are stunning. But gentle acoustic songs are hardly anything rare or uncommon these days – so why is Prom worth listening to? Well, it captures the gentle beauty of Marco’s vocals that you would never realise from Off The Wall. In addition to this, it doesn’t stay complacent. It doesn’t take long for the sweet pickings to be elaborated on by chimes and bass thuds, which gradually builds until the intimate love song becomes a call-and-response for everybody listening.

It’s an unusual decision to take a tender moment and make it public in this way, but in a sense this is a pretty accurate representation of a prom itself. If that’s what Marco intended, he’s an artist who deserves far more recognition than he’s currently receiving.

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