An inspirational song inspired by… shoes?

Because inspiration comes in all shapes and forms.


First up, the title is absolutely not a lie — an artist has genuinely written an inspirtaional song inspired by (and maybe even devoted to) his passion for shoes. Yep.

But it’s not as cringey as it might sound. Young Marco‘s Off The Wall is inspired, as the name may suggest, by the Vans-branded shoes that Marco confesses to having a massive amount of love for. Yet behind the shoe-centric title and theme, the beats are tight and the lyrics are as inspirational as any hip hop song ever was. It packs in that kind of confidence crossed with isolated vulnerability that made Drake such a hit originally, creating a similar effect with absolutely anybody listening to it rooting for Marco.

It’s a little unusual for an artist to be inspired by a brand of sneaker. But when it makes bangers like this, I don’t think anyone can complain.

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