Guest playlist: Orlando Deer

Bizarrtist Orlando Deer shares the tunes that changed him


FKA twigs – Pendulum
The dynamics in this song are as important as varying line weights in a drawing, and I guess I forgot about that for a while.

Foster the People – Helena Beat
The harmonised vocal slurs in the chorus. Absolutely genius.

Fishing – OOOO
I am convinced that this song does things to my spirits whenever I play it. Never have I been able to relate to a song so much – and this song doesn’t even have words.  

The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done
This song is on my list because I am sure replaying this song over and over again growing up influenced my musical choices.

King Crimson – The Court of the Crimson King
This was another song that I grew up to. My father would blare this song on his record player so loud I am sure it shook my musicality into existence. This song is literally perfect.

Lady Gaga – Judas
I remember I was seated on a bunk bed somewhere in Singapore when Judas leaked. It was the only thing I played for the following month, and maybe the rest of the year. Or two. From the very industrial production, to the very bubblegum-pop chorus, right down to the visual imagery, this was everything I wanted from Lady Gaga. Yaaaaassssss Gaga.

Madeon – Icarus
This song exposed me to an entire terrain of music that I had not explored. The synth chops that are so quick to cut in this hyper nu-disco timing never fail to stimulate every receptor of my body every time. When I get bored of it, I play Icarus at half the speed, and I hear a completely different song. My point is: Madeon is a genius. Next.

Other songs that changed my life:
The Beatles – A Day in the Life
Muse – United States of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage)
Neon Indian – C’est la vie (Say the Casualties!)
Panic! at the Disco – The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know


You can listen to all of Orlando Deer‘s chosen tracks (with the exception of those with videos above) on our Spotify playlist below!

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