Flapo is on a path to EDM greatness

New single Dear Neighbor is made of flawless components.


Flapo has just dropped his latest single, the phenomenal Dear Neighbor, and it’s set him on a direct course for EDM greatness. Probably.

With some amazing vocalwork from Jenni Potts, this free download is absolutely explosive. The percussion is tuned to perfection, stabbing through the mix of vocal samples and the frantic picking of jangled acoustics in the background to punch the song forwards. These beautiful components come from Flapo himself, with Potts’ voice just being the smooth aesthetic that finishes up the EDM contraption. It’s a solid single that captures imagination and interest, forcing you to listen to this track at least seventeen times before moving on.

But if you were thinking of moving on, the mad bass remix courtesy of Pham won’t let you get too far. It completely morphs the song into something else, equally enjoyable but much more focussed on embracing the contrasts in the piece — namely the high tonalities of Potts’ vocals against the deep rumble of amplified bass. Just as addictive and even more inescapable.

Dear Neighbor is one release you will be listening to for a while.

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