Get hungry with Sophie & The Bom Boms’ new video

An unclear message but a strong feeling of hunger.


Sophie and the Bom Boms have just dropped the video for their latest single, the creme-de-la-creme of bratpop that is Appetite.

The video is a confusing one – not that we really expected anything less. It’s pretty low budget and it’s fairly straightforward, with a (probably) strong message that we can (presumably) all get behind. That message is: while lovers come and lovers go, delicious cakes (even those adorned with messgaes of spiteful irony) will never leave you. It’s the messy love letter to food that is the product of our buffet-induced fantasies.

Or that’s one way of viewing it. The other is that it means absolutely nothing. Ah, the magic of artistic interpretation.


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