Oyster Kids drop sad-happy grooves on Lips

Second single is worlds apart from their debut.


Oyster Kids are a mysterious pair. The outfit don’t give too much about themselves away, and their second and latest single – Lips – doesn’t mesh with the sound they previously exhibited on spooktastic single Creepy.

Of course, it shouldn’t be taken that this is a bad move: Lips is an amazing single that channels a feel-good yet also melancholy vibe. It’s a little like a Foster The People track that got left off of Supermodel, with a mindlessly good rhythm groove and vocals that bounce along atop. Adding in an easy-to-repeat refrain consisting largely of “ooh” repetitions just makes it all the more digestable.

It’s actually a refreshing change. While the sound of Creepy was glorious, it was one that felt a little bit too halloween-themed to promise much in the way of longevity – it’s a sound that, if stretched out for three or four songs, would get quite dull. Yet the enigmatic Oyster Kids are okay with this deviation from the sound that established them. And if the outcome is a song like this, it’s safe to say that their fanbase will be okay with it too.

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