Oyster Kids – ‘Creepy’

Creeping dark-singed alt-rock

LA alt-rockers Oyster Kids have just dropped their debut single, ‘Creepy’, and it’s the perfect addition to any Halloween indie playlists you’re making.

On the back of a steady beat with spectral cymbals and a bass groove singed with darkness, the song marches forward with a vocal that is delivered spookily gently. ‘Creepy’ wins the award for most atmospheric debut from an indie-alternative band ever, setting a perfect tone that lives up to its title fully. The song creeps along with every sound lending itself to the unnerving vibe.

But don’t confuse creepiness or ability to unnerve with being bad. Apart from being so finely crafted in terms of its atmosphere, the song has a good grasp on melody and backing vocals that really lift the song into another level. There’s an element of pop in the mix, partially eclipsed by the haunting melodies themselves. The track sacrifices some immediate mainstream appeal for the sake of creating something artistically atmospheric.

Really, that’s no big problem. The track is fantastic and, aside from being hauntingly good on its own, shows that the band have a clear knowledge of their craft. They can create an artistic and effective sonic landscape, while keeping a strong grasp onto the melodies and dynamics that work so well in pop. The future is bright for Oyster Kids.

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