Lucky – ‘Without My Heart’

Soulful and powerful but oddly blunt

artworks-000128920709-t7m59q-t500x500You went and fucked him on the first date” is a strong opener to ‘Without My Heart’, and a bold move. The first line is always prominent so by using it so bluntly, Lucky may have alienated an awful lot of airplay in the space of nine words.

Still, the bluntness of the lyric sets the tone for the song to follow. The guitars and instrumentation are conservative and underplayed, existing almost solely as a backing track to the vocal which details a message worth listening to. It’s a highly personal experience, so it’s only right for the powerful and soulful vocals to take centre stage.

The lyrics do persist to dampen the excitement of the track in places though. Explosive chorus aside, occasional lines slip through that pull you out of immersion. References to “mac and cheese” may capture the lack of glamour in the lyrical situation, but they also plunge so far into the depths of mundanity it drags you out of the enjoyment momentarily. Though that may just be me since I’m a lyrical snob.

That’s the key, and only, flaw with ‘Without My Heart’. The instrumentation serves a perfect purpose and the vocal is determined and powerful, but the lyrical content itself doesn’t quite deliver the awe-inspiring performance everything is waiting for.

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