Allure – ‘By Surprise’

Sophisticated and passionate Eurotronic sounds

Allure's 'By Surprise' is sophisticated Eurotronica
French. It’s a language and a culture very stereotypically associated with sophistication, pastries, armpit hair, and – most importantly – fine wines. It’s also occasionally linked to passion and romance, and I guess that’s where I’m really going with this.

French producer Allure just dropped ‘By Surprise’, some catchy Eurotronic so steeped in passion that it’s hard not to make the connection. First off, his stage name is Allure. It couldn’t be more romanticised. And the lyrical content really falls into the veins of passion. Just in case the lyrics didn’t do it for you though, it’s a vulnerably passionate vocal delivery too.

I wouldn’t want any of these cultural stereotype connections to feel at all negative. Allure’s ‘By Surprise’ may fit the stereotypes, but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. With a solid and sophisticated beat and a striking hook, there’s more than just stereotypes. The hook, especially, is worth taking note of. It’s just the right mix of jazzy dissonance and melody to catch your ear without standing out awkwardly in the mix. It’s off the beaten path and oddly unconventional, but it works exceptionally well.

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