XYLØ – ‘L.A Love Song’

A flawlessly executed anthem of doom

XYLØ drop LA Love Song, a doomed pop anthem
XYLØ have just dropped the fantastic ‘L.A Love Song’, an epic anthem that burns with the fire of self-destructive art.

The doomed pop sound is pretty hot right now. Lana Del Rey keeps diving to new levels of doom and gloom when it comes to her albums, so it makes sense to follow the blueprint. Luckily for us, XYLØ’s way of following the blueprint involves taking the core of it – the doomed pop vibe and vocal – and smashing it with the Chvrches style of electropop that makes fantastic use of vocal samples and modulation. What we get, as an outcome of this beautiful union, is ‘L.A Love Song’.

The verses are straight up Lana style, vocals lead a subdued piano melody for the most part but with the splatterings of percussion. Cue a big chorus of screaming synths and rapid beats, setting the tone for a vocal that is delivered with an apathetic charm. It’s just cutting or witty lyricism away from being flawless.

I wanna know if this life will be the death of me“/ “Are you alive, or are you just living?“.

Check. Even the lyrics are finely crafted. Admittedly, lines such as “we’re all living in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” may feel a little bit Tumblr, but we’ll let it slide because it gels with the rest of the intelligent writing. Every inch and vibration of this track is flawlessly put together and delivered, a beautiful beacon of tortured art and tormented soul.

You can download the song for free here, or stream it below.

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