The next queen of pop

We have a quick chat with Sophie and The Bom Boms.


In case you haven’t had a chance to hear it yet, scroll down to the bottom of this page and give a listen to Big Girls by Sophie and the Bom Boms. It’s a killer pop track with little to no room for improvement.

But beyond the pop gem, who is Sophie? And more importantly, who are the bom boms? Your next pop queen tells us.


Who is, or are, Sophie and the Bom Boms?

The band is me and usually David Elevator is there too. We write all the music together and most of the time play live together too. We are both from LA but we actually met at music school in Boston. After that we started playing shows around LA.


How did it all start?

David was engineering for Linda Perry at that time. She used one of my songs for an artist she was working with and encouraged us to start songwriting for other people together. We did, and with those songs Dr Luke signed me as a writer.

My writing career kind of took off and I put all my focus to that for a while. Eventually enough of my own life experience and stories built up in me that I called David and was like, ‘I’m overflowing, I need to get this out’. And that became Sophie and The Bom Boms.


What’s the songwriting process like for you?

I kind of write in spurts. I’ll write a ton and then I’ll feel like I said all I need to say and then focus on live shows and then realize I have something to say again and need to write. 

Me and David start by conceptualising a sound we want for the production and what instruments we want to use. These set parameters to the music. I usually have a theme going on in my life I need to heal from or shed light on lyrically so I want to get that off my chest. 

We start with the music. David builds a track, sometimes I get involved. Then I get a vibe and tell my story over the music. I start hearing melody or phrases over the music. And the rest is sort of like piecing together a puzzle.


Big Girls is a magnificent blend of solid pop melodies Fresh Beats 365 speak to Sophie and the Bom Bomsand funk rhythms. How did the track develop into its final form?

Thank you! We remixed the song probably 20-30 different times. We had an original version for probably a year or two that we loved, but we got tired of the sound. We kept trying to remix it to make it fit into something fresh and it kept not working. And just when I was about to put out another song we pulled out Big Girls one more time and David started playing those drums and put the bass to it and we both knew thats what the song was supposed to be. 

The song was inspired during a time when I was trying to build myself up when I was going through a hard time in the music industry. It was a message I felt so many people could relate to: persevering in the face of adversity. Overcoming it. Never letting anyone get the best of you.


What would you say makes you stand out as a band?

Probably that we’re really nerdy. We’re studied musicians and play all of the instruments and sounds you hear on the track.  It’s either David or me playing. Live too, we try and play as many instruments as we can between the two of us.  And same with songwriting.

I’m just a nerd that learned some tricks from Dr Luke and Max Martin and David did the same with Beck and Linda Perry etc. But as much as we studied, in the end we’re just two weirdos that never really fit into the worlds we studied and so we created our own world; our own sound with our own story.


What’s next for you?

I’m going to be putting out a song a month for the next year. And playing as many shows as I can.

You can’t fault her dedication. Or her flawless pop power.

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