Sophie and the Bom Boms – Big Girls

Pop meets Funk in a delirious blend of the Jackson 5 and Sleigh Bells.


Sometimes everybody just needs and wants a change of career direction, particularly in the creative world. Sophie Stern, who unsurprisingly is the vocalist in Sophie and the Bom Boms, has spent years writing material for big artists. Now this girl is hoping to break big in her own right, with her own project.

There’s not much of a better way to work towards this goal than with new single Big Girls, which channels an usual feel of The Jackson 5 meeting Sleigh Bells. This funked out erraticism actually sounds a lot better than it may conceptually sound. Soaked from hook to close in pop appeal with its vocal sample hooks and a catchy refrain, it’s difficult to find yourself not loving this track.

Of course, it does feel at times after repeated listening like a type of pop that becomes sickeningly sweet eventually. But until that point is reached, there’s a huge amount of enjoyment and admiration to take from this single, plus a strong chiming message of feminism. The nuances of pop are on point without any risk to the integrity of the funk sound. Sophie Stern can craft a solid pop number, and at long last she’s doing it for herself.

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