Brooke Sharkey – I Crossed The Line EP

Brooke Sharkey: making Folk fascinating.


I find Brooke Sharkey absolutely fascinating. If not for her sultry vocal and ability to create a sense of whimsy in the folk genre, then for her ability to seamlessly transition between English and French languages. I’m a little late to the party in discovering her (the EP in question is almost two years old), but her performance supporting Orlando Seale was captivating.

As a standalone genre that gets constantly expanded – if not just by a swarm of musicians with insectoid talents but admirable beards – Folk music can get pretty dull and dry. So for Sharkey to come along, take it back to its roots with traditionally folk instruments (the double bass has been absent for far too long) and do so in a refreshing way is striking.

This is the power of her I Crossed The Line EP. While only five songs long, Sharkey perfectly and compactly shows what she’s all about. An introspective sound adorned with emotional vocals and sliding string sections that create a tense air of melancholy that few others can master so simply and so elegantly. Opening number Which Cloud is flawless.

The whole EP oozes with a creativity that radiates emotion; offering an impression of Sharkey as a woman who bleeds artistry and thinks in stave notation. It’s not just any artist who will embellish their music with foreign languages and not be criticised for it. Sharkey has the talent to prove herself worthy of musical praise.

Her EP sets her apart from the folk-pop musicians simply following the herd. She stands alone in an emerging folk scene, with raw credentials and an honesty that is mesmerisingly magnetic.

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