Krychek – New Sensation (INXS Cover)

Krychek drops an almost pitch-perfect INXS cover.


Doing a cover version of a song is often shaky territory. Where do you draw the line? What makes a ‘good’ cover and a ‘bad’ cover? If an artist perfectly emulates the original artist, is that a success or a failure? What about if they put their own slant on it?

Musical existentialism aside, Krychek‘s latest cover – of INXS‘s New Sensation – is one of those tracks which will divide an audience about whether it is good or bad. Krychek does a flawless job at covering the song, perfectly capturing the feel of the rhythms and almost directly replicating the music itself. That is, besides what is possibly a slight shift in pacing and tempo.

But the distinction comes in the vocal. Krychek’s distinctly deep vocal is on point here, giving the song a bolder and grittier drive than the original ever possessed. For me, that’s enough of a distinction to brand this a sensational cover. The original lacked any kind of force behind the vocal, whereas Krychek’s oozes a confident swagger with a calmingly deep tonality.

Then again, how can anybody truly decide whether a cover is good or bad? Is it not exclusively subjective?

Listen below, decide for yourself and, if you like it, it’s a free download at Krychek’s soundcloud page.

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