Video: Cocovan – Mirage Of Us

Pop singer makes lyric videos actually worth paying attention to.


Lyric videos are horrifically boring. Honestly, I’ve never understood the point in most of them. They may premiere a song but they’re usually accompanied by the track dropping on Soundcloud or some other medium.  They’re even sometimes accompanied by a dull graphic, as if that makes it better – when really we all know we should just wait for the real video.

So when Cocovan‘s latest lyric video falls into my inbox, I’m not immediately filled with hope or much in the way of expectation. So I was actually pleasantly surprised by Mirage Of Us. The video has a core looped and reversed video of Cocovan herself slowly undoing her dress, with the camera obviously placed behind. It’s a cleverly use of attraction and implied-but-never-given sexualisation, seducing and perpetually disappointing the mesmerised viewers.

Of course, the track itself is far from disappointing. A through-and-through pop banger with chilled-out club dance sounds building behind a velvetine voice that is almost as seductive as the video sets out to be. It’s a fantastic mix, and maybe the only lyric video that will ever exist that might make me think twice about my hatred of the format.

I still hate them, but I had to think about it.

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