The Sneaky Nixons – Sex

Listen to The Sneaky Nixons’ Sex (that’s not as creepy as it sounds, we swear).


Sharp (percussive) thrusts and drawn out (saxophone) squeals, climaxing in a gentle come down delivered with a breathless vocal. The Sneaky Nixons put a lot of effort into their craft, and the aural dissection of their latest track Sex shows that.

The appeal of Sex is that its music is literally the rhythm of sex. The band start intense yet end gently with an elated feeling of relief. There’s also probably a joke to be had at the song only lasting for little under three minutes and having a male vocalist. But we won’t make it…

Naturally, the band are playing to their element by writing a song that focuses solely on the topic of sex. With the kind of semi-seductive intensity that only a saxophone can produce, their brand of new age Ska-cum-Rock couldn’t be better suited to the sound. It’s the right balance of seedy and passionate to not quite make your skin crawl away from you.

What comes of this is a solid effort at trying not too sound like the band are blowing their own horns. At little under three minutes, the song doesn’t outstay its welcome and manages to sound strong and interesting from start to finish. Though good luck trying to actually have sex to it.

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