Video: Birch – Where Is My Mind?

Indie-alternative outfit cover The Pixies in a coming of age music video


Birch are back with their latest video, which is to accompany their cover of The Pixies‘ infamous Where Is My Mind?.

What’s interesting about this particular cover is that it sounds a little like it’s genuinely performed by pixies. Just possibly pixies that have suffered some serious emotional torture. That’s not to suggest it sounds chirpy or irritating; it just has a genuine ethereal charm and otherworldliness to it, underpinned by an electronic drum beat that creates a cold contrast with the top layer.

That might sound out of odds with the original, but that’s exactly the point. Birch take the extra step of completely reimagining the song – both as a coming of age video set against New York, but also as something less catastrophically crunchy than the original.

Visually it’s a very simple but effective video to emphasis the idea of it being a coming of age story. It also uses a Snorricam to capture the themes of isolation the song portrays. Deceptively deep storytelling.

You can download the track for free from Birch’s soundcloud.

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