Video: Orlando Deer – Little John

A short burst of upbeat experimental weirdness


Okay so if our interview with the man himself didn’t quench your thirst for all types of strangeness, here’s the video for Orlando Deer‘s quirky Little John.

Actually, this is the rare occasion where the video isn’t too bizarre and the music is actually fairly straightforward. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the tonality of the sound is still deeply infused with a sense of space-age oddity (read: still uses a mellotron). But it’s a much more straightforward affair than From The Mind Of A Scarecrow, for example.

Upbeat and fun, this track portrays a much more mainstream-ready sound from Orlando. It’s not one I’d be particularly thrilled if he embraced full time (the intrigue in Orlando comes from the strange place his creativity dwells), but it makes a welcome addition to the arsenal of sound.

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