The Slow Readers Club – Plant The Seed

The Slow Readers Club are planting the seed of doom in electropop


There’s no longer a place in the world for sounds that beckon the darker side of electropop. No place because The Slow Readers Club exist, and their take on the sound proves to be so perfectly crafted that there need be no others.

Pulsating with a doomed passion, Plant The Seed is the sound that every other electropop or electro-indie act of the moment seems to be neglecting. But while they may be focusing more on the grittier and gloomier aspects, the band manage to maintain the infectious melodies that make electropop so enjoyable.

The ascending and descending vocal line over a rumbling rhythm section and bubbling synths feels smooth and flawless, so subtle to not feel like the band are forcing their song upon you. The melody discretely slips into your bloodstream and your mind, lodging itself and developing into a contagious case of earworms.

The only cure? Replace it with more Slow Readers Club. There must be an album on the way, surely?

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