Jimmy & The Revolvers – The Morning Paper

The Liverpool Indie-Rock scene is evolving.


There’s always been a lot of hype around the Liverpool music or Scouse sound scene. In fact, we’ve mentioned it in the past when discussing Jimmy & The Revolvers. However with their latest single The Morning Paper, it’s hard for that description to do them justice: they’re more than that.

The soul of the track still resides in that Liverpool sound, but it’s the next step in the evolution of the scene. It’s an expansive sound that brings blistering psych-rock guitars and a surprisingly smooth brass section into the mix, disarming expectations but also exceeding them. After half a century it’s pretty easy to predict what you’ll get from a band in the Liverpool scene, so shaking it up likes this lets all the stagnant air out.

But this track is also far from a fledgling evolution that needs refinement. Every nuance of the sound is crafted perfectly for maximum effect, providing an upbeat feeling with a touch of pessimism but without a hint of unease. It flows fluidly from start to finish with a sound that is larger than life and ready for a festival run in 2016.

Dear Lord, let there be a festival run in 2016.

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