TRUDY – ‘Behave’ Review

Erratic rough-cut indie-pop enjoyment


TRUDY’s latest single ‘Behave’ is an erratically distinct indie track, packed full of enough rough-cut charm to make its quirkiness enjoyable.

It’s charged with a turn-of-the-century sense of indie energy, full of explosive drums and capsizing guitar rhythms that really embrace the angst of alternative. It sounds a lot like the fevered dreams of Pete Doherty, with hints of The Strokes thrown in for good measure.

So when that’s the sound on show here, it’s worth noting how the opening doesn’t capture that mood at all. Interestingly, the intro offers a pseudo-psychedelic tonality crossed with an underlying sense of aggression that could explode into something much heavier than the song turns out to be. That, in itself, is enough to get your attention wired into the track. It offers few hints as to what way the track will go musically.

I like it when songs are full of surprises. I like it even better when a song captures that Pete Doherty kind of vibe without actually featuring Pete Doherty too, making ‘Behave’ a clear winner.

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