Catmando – ‘Faceplant’ Review

Trip-Hop with killer bass

Faceplant cover art
If you’re big on trip-hop or electronic music in general, get set for three of the best minutes of your week. Catmando’s latest track ‘Faceplant’ is the perfect mix of chilled out and forward beating to fit any mood or situation.

Tight rhythms come together to make a track that words can’t do justice. It’s an amazingly crafted piece of electronic glory with a deep bassline that just brings everything together perfectly while also deserving recognition in its own right.

It’s rare that I’ll listen to a track which I’ll listen to for six hours straight, consecutively, but that’s the effect of ‘Faceplant’. It’s flawlessly loopable – which is just as well, since the track itself is also pretty flawless. It’s a great piece of instrumentation to just fit any situation you need it for. A fantastic mix of relaxing and energising, with bass to die for.


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