Let’s Away – ‘Golden Morning’ Review

Burning intent and swampy sounds mix well

artworks-000121788872-njrmmk-t500x500For fans of: Gengahr; My Bloody Valentine; TOY

Let’s Away is a bit of an unusual band name: it feels like a name more deserving of a song, or maybe an album instead.

Unusual, however, is not a word that can be applied to their latest single ‘Golden Morning’. It’s a straightforward nu-gaze with enough of a poppy chorus and vocal delivery to blur a couple of other genres into the mix. The guitars also manage to break free of the muddied shoegaze sound, with a burning intent that is only mildly extinguished with a dousing of deepsea echo.

Above the swampy guitars, the vocals are equally as carelessly echoey in typical shoegaze fashion. But what we have here, which might be amiss in pretty much every other emerging band attempting this style, is a nice lyric that involves some witty wordings.

But, perhaps in a deliberate attempt to counteract the graceful lyricism, it does have a few moments which are less intellectual. The shining example would be “heavens above, you’re heaven sent / and God, I love your face” – the initial graceful combination of two phrases connected by a word, counteracted by the simplistic output of the ending. Listening, you’re either glazed over (with the intellect having passed you completely) or you smile at the odd counterbalancing.

‘Golden Morning’ is a good beginning for the band. Of course, I would love this track if it weren’t so shoegaze – but Let’s Away make it work with their lyrical content. They’re a band that can make the overused and overheard enjoyable, and my God is that a godsend.

You can listen to ‘Golden Morning’ below. It’s a pretty chill way to start your day.

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