Amy Danielle – ‘Million Stars’ Review

A song so vulnerably cute, it hurts (in a good way)

11261665_917917191605976_1669796253591284662_nFor fans of: John Mayer; Taylor Swift; Ellie Goulding

Amy Danielle’s latest single ‘Million Stars’ is so cute it hurts (in a good way, not a “oh god please make it stop” way). A simple love song, it’s full of melody that come from the typical places: beautiful vocals, piano and strings.

Yep. It has a string section. It’s such a love song.

But don’t let stereotypical instruments get in the way. ‘Million Stars’ is an adorable display of affection that is innocent and pure in its lyrical portrayal of emotion; it’s vulnerable, which really is the best thing for a love song to be. The piano and strings draw out extra soul from Amy Danielle, making something beautiful even better.

Not that she especially needed the help from the instruments. The vocals are beautiful on their own, which is rare for a song that is so deeply wrapped in layers of musical harmony. Stripped of those layers, most vocals sound very average. But Amy Danielle has a very delicately sweet voice, that can hold a tune while also weaving a silky thread of vulnerability into it. Even acapella, this song would draw an emotional response.

It’s an adorable heartfelt song, sweetly naive in its purity and thoroughly enjoyable in its sound. You can check it out for a modest price on iTunes, here.

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