Video: Gengahr – ‘Haunter’

Sinisterly surreal indie band Gengahr have dropped their latest video, the suitably dark visuals for the aptly-haunting ‘Haunter’.

Despite the extra Pokémon name dropping here, ‘Haunter’ is in no way a cute track for the whole family. Its sound is deeply chilling and the vocals house an innate vulnerable despair. It’s got a lot of complex darkness swirling through the core of its sound, which is impressive for an acoustic-led track.

But don’t confuse acoustic-led for being boring. Certain artists can make ‘acoustic’ sound like a dirty word; one that should be avoided in any type of truly interesting new music. But ‘Haunter’ uses the acoustic to add a creeping sense of dread atop rolling drums. Towards the end of the track, there’s also a nice lead synth melody that is squeezed enough that it begins to sound strangely like ‘Kids’ by MGMT.

The track, excellent though it is, sadly failed to make it onto the band’s debut album ‘A Dream Outside’ which was released a little while ago. But luckily, you can enjoy it below in video form. The video is a nice minimalistic cut between a stripped performance and the band logo, giving an understated class to the track.

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