Stray Echo – ‘Ground’ Review

Earthquakes and tremors of artistic tension

Stray Echo is something a little bit different, and ‘Ground’ is the perfect example of that. Creeping with late-night seduction, it’s a cool electronic landscape that pulsates as tectonic plates of sound glide and grind over each other.

The power of ‘Ground’ comes from its brooding tension, which keeps you engaged as it carries you gradually to the earthquake of the chorus. This tension lies somewhere between the seductive beat, the sensual synths, and the empassionated duet between Stray Echo and Lolo – whose vocal input on the second verse chills somewhere between velvety smooth and hauntingly Lorde.

But for all the rolling tensions, the chorus is the thing you’ll remember. Exploding out of the tension without any sense of let down or underdelivery, everything from the instrumentation to the production feels perfect. It’d be easy for the laid back coolness of the track to get lost during a chorus like this, but it manages to survive here. What we have as a result is a piece that is cool and collected, consistently from start to finish.

Stray Echo does it all right here, and does it his way. He’s got an EP coming out at some stage in the near future, and we hope that it’s as consistently good as ‘Ground’!

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