Health – ‘Stonefist’ Review

A hazy mist of pop enveloping primal noise

DEATH MAGIC cover artFor fans of: Depeche Mode; Nine Inch Nails

Ahead of their newest album ‘DEATH MAGIC’, HEALTH are back with ‘STONEFIST’. Slightly less noisy than you might have been expecting, but just as raw and piercing as you’d pray that it would be.

Pummelling forwards with the primal power that would bring a tear to the eye of Trent Reznor, ‘STONEFIST’ is every bit as intense as you want it to be. But somewhere in the mix, there’s a feeling that the hazy mists of pop have begun to descend on HEALTH. Vocals float around above the noise, melody shines through the hazy intensity, and something feels different.

With Depeche Mode darkness lying on synths, which are guided through the pop mists by an intense animal-like drive , ‘STONEFIST’ sees an evolved and matured style of noise from HEALTH. And with an exhale of synths, it all draws to a close – ready to repeat.


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