Video: Brother Goose – ‘Lone Ranger’

Who needs love when you have music?

OK. So this video opens with a tense 40 second scenario of a bitter breakup (over text as well, Lucy is clearly an asshole), so you’re automatically going to think “oh crap, this is going to be all emotional and stuff.”

But Brother Goose are smarter than that. And the video transforms into a great celebration of music and togetherness rather than a “win-her-back” tale of heartache. Then again, ‘Lone Ranger’ is so upbeat that the band couldn’t have had a dramatic video if they tried. And I’d much rather watch a video that says “who needs love when you have music” than one that fills the obsessive-stalkerish lost love stereotype.

It’s a melody-focused song that explodes into an infectious indie-electro chorus that just screams “indie party soundtrack”. There’s something addictive about their sound, and somewhere between the drive of the guitars and the colourful touch of the synths we’re hooked on it.

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