Gem And Eye – ‘Roaring Twenties’ Review

Velvety Futuristic Jazz that doesn’t disappoint

11180606_702125009933409_886408196012738380_nFor fans of: LORIS; Goldfrapp

When brother and sister Dillon and Harley Pace sat down and decided to form a musical duo called Gem And Eye, the world cheered. Not just because latest track ‘Roaring Twenties’ is fantastic, but because the duo’s name itself is flawless.

‘Roaring Twenties’ lives up to the high expectations. With a space-inspired synth creating a velvet-smooth curtain of sound, it’s a glorious electro-rock-pop maelstrom of isolated emotion. And the synths have a neo-classical tinge to them, making the track feel like a well-crafted and sophisticated piece of art.

But the real beauty of the track lies in Harley’s rich and emotive vocals. With a hectic mesh of layers underpinning them, they add a futuristic jazz vibe to the track that really works in the band’s favour. There isn’t many artists that could ever be described as Futuristic Jazz – except Gem And Eye.
While the band may refer to themselves as being ‘Space Rock’, the sound is much more than that. It’s so deeply embedded in contemporary synth hooks, vocal styles and production values that such a dated genre could never be applied to it. Neither, comfortably, could electropop – there’s some blistering guitar segments that filter into the dreamy layers during the second half of the track.

Gem And Eye are more than just a clever name. They are purveyors of a complex and beautiful art form, and ‘Roaring Twenties’ is one of the best tracks you’ll hear this year.

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