Belle Roscoe – ‘Gun To My Head’: Winding indie-pop melancholy

Lush rolling rhythms and vocals that dare to despair


It’s nothing unusual for upbeat pop songs to have a heart of pure sadness. It’s actually become a bit of a common practice – it’s pretty rare for music and lyrics to match up perfectly as far as emotions go. Belle Rescoe’s latest track ‘Gun To My Head’ is no different.

It opens with funky instrumental lines and runs with lush rolling rhythms, but lyrically this is one of the darkest tracks you’ll hear this week. As the title might have given away just a little bit, the weight of the track tussles with the singer discussing putting a gun to their head so they can see… someone.

Or that’s the face value impression of most of the lyrics anyway. They get a litte confusing to follow, and it could all be some higher symbollism. Regardless they sound at stark contrast with the upbeat music, which infectiously sprawls out in the background and sets a beautiful scene. The music is, arguably, even more satisfying than the smooth sibling vocals that ride atop it. From start to finish, every twist, turn, rise and fall is executed in perfect pop fashion.

Belle Roscoe have been referred to various times as sounding like a cross between Fleetwood Mac and Arcade Fire. If ‘Gun To My Head’ proves anything, it’s that these comparisons – while true – don’t do the band justice. Their sound is too good to be stripped down to some feeble comparisons. ‘Gun To My Head’ is a track to be taken on it’s own merits – and there are many of them.

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