Monster Jaw – ‘Love’: Pure, Unchanged Grunge

Love Grunge, Love ‘Love’

EP artwork Monster Jaw - Basement Sessions

Who would’ve thought that something as simple as recording a track on an 8-track would capture the raw heart of the noise perfectly? Well, Monster Jaw apparently. Their latest track (and free download) ‘Love’ is Grunge in its purest form, directly reminiscent of the early 90’s alternative scene.

Brutal drumming, consistent basslines, intensely overdriven guitars and vocals that simmer with a angsty boredom; all captured perfectly on 8-track. Many bands have tried this musical style but it’s often overproduced. Monster Jaw’s ‘Love’ is perfect in its purity, capturing the band at their most intense and intimate. This is no scripted run through; this is a brutal performance.

While that does give this track brownie points, there’s more to this track than a raw vibe. And it’s the immense energy in the music itself. It’s got an energetic grunge outlook, underpinned by a strong vocal melody that pierces through the whirlwind of sounds. This melody is what makes the song special, because the band haven’t gone all Self-Defense Family in their approach to getting a raw sound.

Even with the self-restrained vocals, the melody is prominent. And the ability to make the melody prominent in spite of chilled vocals and noisy instrumentation is what makes ‘Love’ special.
You can download the track for free here.

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