Circus Junkie Rebels – ‘Endless Dream’: Vintage Rock, Revisited

From the crashing wall of overdriven guitars and heavy rhythms that signal the start of the track, you know that Circus Junkie Rebels’ latest track is going to be a sprawling classic rock-inspired powerhouse.

What you won’t know, however, is how accurate that description will prove to be. The entire song is underpinned by gentle soothing melodies, from verse piano to chorus chimes, that are all confusingly welcomed. Why? Because it’s a modern throwback to the heyday of classic rock, with the rough abrasion being a front to a heart of melodic beauty. Think like Guns ‘N’ Roses’ ‘November Rain’, just with less ivories and no Axl Rose (thankfully).

Naturally, with a classic rock inspired song, there’s more to the track than just the melodies that underpin it. You’ve got a sprawling, larger than life arsenal of sounds and some raw vocals that keep the whole track grounded. But to keep a contemporary flair in the music, the wall of guitar-driven sound is the most prominent point – if the nugaze phase has taught us anything, it’s that everybody loves a good wall of sound.

The gentle background melodies actually wind up providing the perfect close to the track as they ascend and ring out into your ears, ready for you to play again whenever you’re ready. And to make it easier, we’ve put the accompanying music video below. Yep, it’s shot entirely in greyscale (just to put added emphasis onto the bittersweet vibes of the track).

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