Mile Me Deaf – ‘Digital Memory File’: Fun Rolling Rhythms

Having a bad day? Then take a break to enjoy the latest single from Mile Me Deaf, the strangely fun and infectious ‘Digital Memory File’ from their upcoming album ‘Eerie Bits Of Future Trips’. 593e2fe2-0025-49ca-a708-d0c08046709e Everything about the opening hook of the track will just fill with joy: the bouncy drums; the choppy bassline; the optimistic guitar riff. The vocals are the only thing that disrupt the daydream joyfulness, delivered in an angsty, laidback monotone that provides a vivid contrast and creates a sense of layered depth. And if this layering wasn’t clear enough, just listen to that hook again. And again. Listen to the choppy rhythmic autonomy running underneath that perfectly imperfect lead guitar as it wobbles into your ears. It’s a glorious experience that pushes this track into spectacular territory. Go on, click below and listen to it. It’ll be a great break from any crap cluttering up your life to carelessly blast this on repeat a few times. Go, play, be happy. And then buy it when it’s released on April 20, and make Mile Me Deaf happy too.

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