Stephen Langstaff – ‘Sirens’ Review: Breezy Ed Sheeran Vibes

Picture 165Spring is officially here and there’s no better way to get in the mood for it than some soulful acoustic-dominated musings. Sure, you COULD go and listen to Ed Sheeran. But you COULD also replace your headphones with earmuffs. And if you wanted to do things the mainstream way, you wouldn’t be here.

Stephen Langstaff is arguably better than Ed Sheeran anyway, and his latest track ‘Sirens’ is an amazing offering. Sure, it opens with a gentle acoustic riff, but give it a chance. If we dismissed everything just because it had an unassuming start, we’d never find anything good. And the chorus of ‘Sirens’ is a phenomenal experience worthy of the build up.

Melodically, ‘Sirens’ hits all the marks and the peaks and falls of the track show a lot of different shades of the tune itself. We’ve got the gentle acoustic skeleton of the track, fleshed out by lively percussion and the occasional electric guitar sound that adds a squeeze of personality to the chorus. Obviously, this is all holding things together underneath the fantastic vocal line.

But there’s one very special selling point of this track, and that is how naturally appealing it is to replay. If you put this song on loop and then let it continue to play, it begins to feel like the track never ends. The track’s quiet-loud dynamic is so deeply engrained throughout the song that, when you hit that loop button, it feels like an endless natural progression. The sharp cut off and gentle opening work together to provide an endless, and endlessly enjoyable, listen.

But don’t just take our word for it.

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