Years & Years – ‘Worship’ Review: High Praises & High Hopes

Years & Years are REALLY doing a fantastic job at pushing the boundaries of whether we’re even supposed to cover them anymore*. Their last single ‘King’ hit number one in the UK Singles Charts, and from the sound of ‘Worship’ we could have a repeat of that.

Dropping ahead of their upcoming debut album ‘Communion’, ‘Worship’ is a little more of a comedown vibe than ‘King’. But it still has a massive sound, and if you’re not dancing around the room by the three minute mark then it’s probably because you’re not physically able to (not even social convention stops this song taking over).

It feels redundant by now to waste time trying to describe the Years & Years sound. It’s a layer of breezy hi-hats and laidback club keys, with Olly’s voice high above in the mix, that builds from bubbler to banger. Sure, it opens with a mystifying synth line, but this doesn’t make much of an appearance through the track itself.

‘Worship’ is enough to give fans chills and high hopes for the debut album, and it stands a pretty good chance of following in the footsteps of ‘King’. It might not get to number one, but it’ll definitely land high in the charts.


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