The Little Secrets – ‘All I Need’ Review

Picture 6

The latest in a long-lasting Liverpool tradition of acts able to produce infectious pop songs, The Little Secrets are here with new track ‘All I Need’.

‘All I Need’ is an example of pop-rock stereotype which goes back for decades. It’s a very clean-cut sound; the lyrics are overtly innocent, never running the risk of risqué, and the instrumentation is fairly clean. The guitars follow the indie trend of high-end heavy sounds, with a very light crunch sound that never causes any sort of abrasion to the ears. It’s very easy, gentle and consumable.

But none of this should be considered as criticism. Stacy Jo’s vocals are strong, and provides some impressive vocal melodies and hooks which are locked away elsewhere in the mix beneath her primary vocal line. And the harmonies between her and Kevin Dixon are phenomenal, atop a chorus that does a great job of being memorable and the song’s centrepiece without deviating too much from the song on a whole.

It’s refreshing to find a song with a memorable chorus without going for the easy approach of an explosive lift. ‘All I Need’ takes the route of steady, upbeat instrumentation with enough slight alterations to keep listeners interested with each playback. And with a duration of 2:29 repetitive playback is easy and expected, and definitely deserved.

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