Jennie Vee – ‘Never Let You Down’ Review


Jennie Vee’s latest single is worlds apart from the last one we wrote about. While ‘Die Alone’ came in strong on a muscular guitar riff, ‘Never Let You Down’ is a dreamlike slice of romantic melancholy that washes over you slowly.

With that said, Jennie Vee hasn’t jumped aboard the shoegaze bandwagon. ‘Never Let You Down’ might feature vocals that ring with reverb, but the instrumentation itself maintains a blistering sense of direction. Vee isn’t locked inside a vortex of swirling guitars, she instead lets her smooth voice rest on a constant muted guitar line while occasional lead guitars form smoke circles in the backdrop.

Because, ultimatey, that’s what this song is all about: keeping the instrumentation as the backdrop. Vee’s vocals are the centrepiece piece and the fixed inclusion of a muted guitar, even when all other instruments are gone, emphasises this.

It’s a very personal song and the vocals are the heartbeat of it all, making this track a fantastic follow up to Vee’s debut EP and a great way for her to demonstrate what she is capable of.

You can listen to and purchase the track below.

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