Frett – ‘Silent Alarm’ Review

Electro-Indie duo Frett’s latest track ‘Silent Alarm’ is a deceptively massive outing drenched in dreamy waves of Bloc Party influence and waves of individuality.

The opening notes are subdued and insular, constant bubbling along the melody as drums fall in and out of the mix and washed out vocals wash in. Frett have expertly set the song out to be so obviously withdrawn that it draws you in, and by the time the rest of the instrumentation starts coming together you have no idea what to expect.

And then comes the drop. The bubbling insular synths burst outwards into a maelstrom of multiple instrument lines and energy, closing the track with the kind of climactic dark pop frenzy that this track deserves.

It’s a bit of a confusing track on first listen, but the end result is worth it and by the seventh listen it all makes sense as a phenomenal track.

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