Nothing But Thieves – ‘Wake Up Call’ Review

Nothing But Thieves just get better with every track. With ‘Wake Up Call’ not only do Nothing But Thieves establish themselves as a band capable of producing top-quality tracks, but one that are at the forefront of the new alternative scene.

‘Wake Up Call’ leads in with the crunchy guitar chops of an alternative classic, so you get the sense of what we’re in for right away. From there the song follows the formulaic structure of a hit, with a subdued introductory verse followed by a slightly more dynamic one. Then we’re hit with a big chorus of high-end guitar riffery. It’s very textbook, but when was the last time that a textbook let you down?

Vocally, it’s as emotive as indie-alternative aims to be. It’s a very sincere delivery, from a frontman with a powerful voice that is both commanding and a high-note tickler. It’s a type of raw power wrapped in frailty, marching forward on a constant beat and muscular instrumentation. It’s like Keane, but with musical cojones.

You can listen below and be sure to note the lyrics to the chorus. Because otherwise you’ll just be singing strange syllables to yourself for the next couple of days, and that’d be a little bit awkward. Get set – Nothing But Thieves are about to steal your hearts.

Sorry. Had to.

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