Video: Dirty Dishes – ‘Thank You Come Again’

Sometimes you just allow your mind to wander into strange places and you begin to ponder things that you’ve never thought too much about before, like ‘what if elephants were the size of Chihuahuas?’ or ‘what if Bieber’s videos had gone unnoticed?’.

For anybody whose mind has ever wandered to the ‘what would it be like if Kurt Cobain was a girl?’, wander and wonder no more. Dirty Dishes can give you a pretty good idea of what that would be like.

New track ‘Thank You Come Again’ sounds right out of the ‘In Utero’ sessions and it captures the Nirvana sound perfectly, with a ‘Bleach’ era solo thrown in too. It goes beyond the distorted guitars and quiet-loud song dynamic that most bands manage – the chorus is so coated in influence that it sounds almost right out of ‘Been A Son’. Go on, listen below and tell me I’m wrong.

The video itself captures the exact reason I would hate to work in retail, as the poor employee loses his grasp on sanity out of the frustration of the mean-spirited customers through the video. Dancing old people though, so it’s alright. We obviously don’t mind being scalded by molten coffee so long as the person dances for us afterwards!


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