Ben Owen – ‘Dirty Little Secret’ Review

Ben Owen’s sound so far has always found itself rooted firmly in the acoustic camp. Although it has had a full band sound, it’s always been acoustic at its heart. But with upcoming single ‘Dirty Little Secret’, Owen is downplaying the acoustic sound for an upbeat rockier sound – one that he pulls off expertly.

‘Dirty Little Secret’ is the very essence of glam rock, without the deepseated guilt and shame of being composed by a glam rock band. And Owen’s voice is perfectly suited to this genre change. While the acoustic guitar still features on the track, it serves predominately as an introduction and brief reprise from the distorted guitar tones and teen-chant backing vocals of the rest of the track.
‘Dirty Little Secret’ captures the transition of Owen from acoustic to electric, with the acoustic hook appearing more as a nod to his older sound than driving the one on show here.

There’s a great level of risk in an artist’s sound evolving as suddenly as Owen’s has here. Sometimes it ends disasterously. But in some rare cases, the outcome is infinitely rewarding and even overshadows the artist’s old sound. ‘Dirty Little Secret’ is one of those cases.


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