Video: Alex Moir – ‘Holding On To You’

By now I think we all know what to expect from Alex Moir, which would be upbeat summer-suited indie-alternative sounds that blend contemporary indie with 90’s Britpop glory. Shockingly, ‘Holding On To You’ fits straight into this description. Not that we’re complaining, mind – it’s a sound that Moir pulls off beautifully.

The video for ‘Holding On To You’ has just been released, and it’s a perfect piece of tongue-in-cheek filming. It would be too easy to fall onto stereotypes to fit the song’s love-oriented lyrics, and Moir is very aware of this. Performing in a picturesque stretch of nature, it seems about right – except the whole thing is, deliberately, out of sync. And we’re not talking slightly out of sync due to an editing error, this is probably half a second out – which, believe me, can only be intentional.

A breezy summer-pop tune, and a tongue-in-cheek video? We’re sold!

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