The Mcooleys – ‘What Happened Tonight’ Review


The new track from The Mcooleys, from their upcoming EP ‘Empty Blue Skies’, is a haunting piece of alt-rock with an abrasive vocal line that will scratch its way into your memory and stay there for a while.

‘What Happened Tonight’ is a bodybuilder amongst alt-rock songs, with every aspect of it being undeniably muscular. The drums are brutally charged with primal energy, the guitars have a beefy overdrive and the vocals ring with a strange abrasive harmony. Bringing all that together is a surefire success, and ‘What Happened Tonight’ is a song that grows in quality with each listen.

Although the intro is very unassuming and gives no indication of the powerhouse you are about to listen to, give it chance and we promise you will be playing the song on repeat for quite some time.


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