Vomitface – ‘Huffer’ Review

Fuzzy. Disgusting. Angsty. Unapproachable. Just the way I like it. With a name like Vomitface, you know what to expect from the band and this track. And what you expect is about 50% of what you get.

‘Huffer’ is the perfect piece of distortion-ready anti-pop that you need to refresh your musical palette once in a while. It’s the ideal blend of Grunge and Post-Hardcore (which somebody has geniusly termed as ‘Avant-Grunge’, which is probably my favourite genre title ever), seamlessly flicking between Bleach’-times Nirvana and Frank Carter-fronted early days Gallows.

And what’s better than the fact that it blends together those two mighty, aggressive acts? The fact that it does so without sounding forced, unnatural or like the band are setting out to intentionally sound that way. The magic of those genres has always been the natural feel of it all, and that’s definitely present here.

It’s harsh, it’s wrapped in angst and it’s as radio unfriendly as they come – how can you say no?


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