Teenage Wildlife – ‘Most Beautiful Thing’ Review


John Wright, also known as Teenage Wildlife, is about to release his ‘Most Beautiful Thing/The Last Great Love Affair’ AA single. We’ve reviewed ‘The Last Great Love Affair’ previously, but how does ‘Most Beautiful Thing’ stand up next to it?

The track is instantly distinctive, opening with a great vocal line from an unnamed female artist. This vocal line forms the backbone of the song, being repeated for the majority of the song as instrumentation builds around it. It’s a well-composed piece of music but, as we would expect from John Wright, the track goes beyond being just a short pop piece to listen to.

‘Most Beautiful Thing’ is a piece of art, and the track is executed in a very specific way to capture an artistic point. And this is done with the vocals – for the most part, they consist of repetition of the opening line. While this does have an element of pop factor about it, repeating a key line so that it sticks in the listener’s memory, it also has an artistic slant.
The subject of the song, while sounding almost optimistic at points in the lyrics themselves, is one of loss and the inability to comprehend and deal with that loss of somebody important. The repetitive vocals reflect that difficulty in processing the situation, as well as the obsessive missing feeling that comes along with it.

It’s a song of many layers, and one worth checking out for its blend of art and pop. John Wright is one of the few new artists who is capable of making genuine works of art.


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